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Quick and Easy Meals

Quick & Easy Meals. Real Food in Real Time.

Quick & Easy offers delicious and convenient meals at a price you can afford. This modern meal solution provides more variety and customization than a traditional meal kit. Made fresh in-store, Quick & Easy saves you time while providing a high-quality meal. There are no subscription fees, no cross-country shipping, and very little preparation required. Pick up Quick & Easy Meals at your local Farm Fresh store or order online for delivery.



Chicken in a steamable bag plus broccoli in a steamable bag plus a fresh lemon equals a quick and easy meal


Mix and match to create thousands of meal combinations. With a variety of meat, produce, and deli options, Farm Fresh always has Quick & Easy Meals for you.



Steam in the bag microwave Entrees
Quick and Easy Cut Fruit and Vegetables
Steam in the Bag Microwave Vegetables
Oven Ready Foil Pan Entrees
Quick and Easy Deli Meals
Quick and Easy Desserts

Quick & Easy Cooking Bags –


Make a meal in minutes. These bags come prepacked with freshly marinated or seasoned meats. Microwave or oven bake for a quick, delicious meal.





Quick & Easy Fruit and Vegetables–


Ready-to-go for every occasion. Our pre-washed, pre-cut fruit and veggies eliminate prep work. They’re perfect for side dishes, on-the-go snacks, or recipes at home.




Quick & Easy Microwave Steam Bags –


Make sure you get your veggies! These pre-cut, pre-washed vegetables provide a quick, healthy side dish. Just microwave in the steam bag, and they’ll be ready in minutes.





Quick & Easy Cooking Trays –


Cook at home without the hassle. Pick up a stuffed, seasoned or marinated entrée in an oven-ready foil pan. Bake in the oven for a quick, restaurant-quality meal.




Quick & Easy Deli Meals –


Stop by our deli and pick up a meal that’s ready to enjoy. With a wide range of main courses and sides, there’s something everyone can enjoy.





Quick & Easy Dessert –


Don’t forget dessert! Stop by the bakery for a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth and your wallet.

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